Rebecca Watson vs Stef McGraw: Backbiting From the Depths of Obscurity

How well do any of us know Rebecca Watson?

This isn’t a mystique-building exercise or a trick question, nor do we need remind our readers of the millions who have apprenticed themselves to The Greatest Skeptical Mind of our generation.

It’s a genuine question. We count ourselves among the legions of Rebecca loyalists, we rush to Youtube every time Rebecca posts a new vlog, and we hold our collective breath during SGU, waiting for the moment when Steven Novella will finally shut the fuck up, drop the pretense, and hand the show over to the woman everyone wants to hear.

But really, how many of us can claim we know what it’s like to be Rebecca Watson? We skeptics are undoubtedly more considerate and empathetic, but could we ever know what it’s like to be the center of attention? The annoyance of being recognized in public? The creepy gaze of sexualizing men? The frustration of imparting knowledge to the retarded masses?

None of us have experienced a coattail-rider emerging from the murk of obscurity to nip at us in a misguided attempt to get attention.

Would you want this man's creepy sexualizing gaze sweeping over your body?

These are realities faced by Rebecca Watson every day, significant concerns piled on to a list that already includes worries about anti-rape footwear and the efficacy of discount pepper spray.

Simply put, when you have to contend with sleazy men constantly sexualizing you, it sucks to wake up every day to the jealousy and backbiting of lesser minds hatching ill-conceived plots to syphon your hard-earned fame. It must especially suck when you loathe drama, yet catty little college bitches won’t stop nipping at you.

And so it becomes clear why Rebecca Watson was curt and weary when she dismissed Stef McGraw, an unimportant blogger who bit off more than she could chew with her sloppy criticism of Ms. Watson. Viewed through the lens of a giant of the movement, it’s evident McGraw was just another tiresome leech with laughable blog traffic and all of 23 Twitter followers to speak of. (Rebecca has 17,461, more than twice the amount of people who follow Michio Kaku and Jim Parsons combined.)

In truth, Watson shouldn’t have dignified McGraw with a response. As diehard loyalists, we agree with those in the Watsonian Subculture who believe Rebecca gave this obscure nobody a gift by acknowledging her existence. The poor girl’s blog was probably Slashdotted from the millions of readers following the link from Skepchick.

But far be it from us to criticize Rebecca, because we’re well aware of the consequences. And that’s, ultimately, why McGraw’s ploy backfired. In a year, Rebecca Watson will vault to new heights, and McGraw’s 15 minutes will be a distant memory.

Lesson learned: You don’t fucks with Rebecca Watson.

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9 thoughts on “Rebecca Watson vs Stef McGraw: Backbiting From the Depths of Obscurity

  1. jessica swider says:

    While my opinion of this matter is irrelevant, its a shame that a group of skeptics that are “undoubtedly more considerate and empathetic” feel its appropriate to use the term “retarded” in reference to the general public. Not only is it detrimental to the rights of mentally and physically challenged people to use “retarded’ as a synonym for ‘dumb’, but its just plain rude. Just because someones IQ isn’t as high as the woman you so highly praise, does not make them a ‘retard’.

  2. Jessica: Your lack of respect for Rebecca Watson and your inability to properly use apostrophes is all the evidence we need to peg you among the retards Rebecca has to contend with every day.

    Mocking the stupid is a time-honored tradition of the skeptic and atheist movements, from the prominent (Rebecca Watson) to fourth-tier minds like Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers.

    After all, “using logic and reason isn’t enough. You have to be a dick to everyone who doesn’t think like you.” That’s a direct quote from Dawkins.

    • Zach says:

      Do you know what the word ‘sexism’ means? I do, and it seems to define you all VERY, VERY well. I don’t know how long ago it was that it was invented, but someone made a small contraption at which people could look and see a reflection of themselves. Maybe you should buy one?

  3. Ah. I understand. This site is SATIRE!

  4. Becky T says:

    “Would you want this man’s creepy sexualizing gaze sweeping over your body?”

    He’s not even fit to sweep my floor.

  5. Robert Espe says:

    I thought this was serious at first…but then realized that anyone who argues the number of Twitter followers someone has is an indicator of one’s legitimacy can’t possibly serious.

    • Wrong. Online popularity indicators do speak to legitimacy, and if you disagree then you’re at odds with Rebecca Watson.

      As Rebecca herself wrote in response to Stef McGraw: “Skepchick has 10,000 readers.”

      We’re sure Rebecca accidentally left off two zeros in that comment, but the point remains. Rebecca has more readers and Twitter followers, and she can shut you out like she did to Dawkins.

      The logic here is simple and perfectly aligns with the scientific method: The person with the loudest microphone wins. Now shut the fuck up.

      • Zach says:

        Pathetic mind you have. We call this a bully in gradeschool. Why don’t you go to timeout where you can think about how YOU treat others instead of believing in such ridiculous, harmful, stone-age sexism. Maybe you can’t be solved though, you might have had daddy problems as a child. In that case, shame, you’ll just have to live with being a bitch to everyone you meet in life.

  6. elevatorgate says:

    Reblogged this on elevatorgate and commented:
    You don’t mess with Becky

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